Sebo Brush Roller X1 X4 G1 X7 Felix 5010AM - 676224050109
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Sebo Brush Roller X1 X4 G1 X7 Felix 5010AM

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

When your Sebo brushroll needs replacing, your Sebo will normally tell you. The 'check brushroll' light will remain on or flicker when the machine is being used. Applying downward pressure to the cleaner head will usually extinguish it. This tells you the bristles have worn and the onboard computer senses that there isn't enough resistance between the brushroll and the floor. If you have an old Sebo, it's never a bad idea to change the brushroll anyway as part of a service procedure. When a brushroll is worn or clogged up with hair, the machine will be less effective. 

This is a replacement brushroll to fit all versions of the following Sebo models: 

  • Sebo X1.1
  • Sebo X4
  • Sebo X7
  • Sebo Felix
  • Sebo Dart
  • Sebo G1

Regular replacement of brush rollers will maintain the pick up performance of your machine.