Pfaff New Magnifying Set #821334096 - 7393033117498
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Pfaff New Magnifying Set #821334096

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

Easily magnify the sewing area in front of the needle creating greater visibility when threading and doing detailed sewing

This is a set of magnifying lenses that will easily attach to the sewing head and magnify the sewing area in front of the needle. This will give much greater visibility when threading twin needles and doing detailed sewing.

At A Glance

-Three different strengths of lens allows you to choose the correct level of magnification for needle threading, detailed sewing i.e. stitch in ditch.
-Swivel-out holder allows you to move the magnifier out of the way temporarily without having to remove it from the holder
-The lenses are held in place by a magnet, making them easy to attach and remove

Machine Compatibility

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