Nellie's WOW Stain Stick Remover
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Nellie's WOW Stain Stick Remover

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

WOW Stick Stain Remover

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just magically erase our mistakes? Well, Nellie’s has come as close as humanly possible with our WOW Stick Stain Remover!  It may not erase that thing you said to your boss at the Christmas party last year, but it WILL erase just about any stain you could ever imagine getting on your clothes! Made with natural ingredients and free from dyes and synthetic fragrances, the WOW Stick contains lemongrass and sweet orange essential oils, which work in combination with the cleansing ingredients to combat odors caused by the offending stain. A delicious smelling bonus!

Wet stained area of fabric.
Rub the WOW Stick onto stained area.
Agitate the stain under water.
Launder using Nellie’s Laundry Soda.