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Miele Mini Turbo / STB 101

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Miele STB101 Hand Held Turbobrush

The STB101 Hand Held Mini Turbobrush can be used with all Miele vacuums. It is an amazing, lightweight tool that includes all the virtues of Miele’s larger turbobrush but in a compact, lightweight, handheld tool. The Miele turbobrush is driven by the suction of your own vacuum cleaner. The brush tool measures 5 1/4" wide. The neck of the turbobrush has a 120-degree swivel design, making it amazingly easy to maneuver where you need it. The Miele STB101 is recommended for the gentle cleaning of carpeted stairs and other carpeted places you can’t reach with the large head of a vacuum or powerhead. So look around your house. Are you constantly frustrated because you can’t fit the head of your powerhead into those smaller areas? Or maybe you have a shedding pet and you need a more aggressive way to clean your furniture.