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Boneco P500 Hepa Air purfier With Air Quality Sensor

Manufacturer #:P500

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Air Purifier P500

 Whether at home or work, breathe easily again

 Product description

 The Air Purifier P500 is a true treasure. Not only does it provide a feast for the eyes at home or work, it also purifies air efficiently in accordance with your preferences. Three specialized, multi-stage filters act as active protective shields and trap the smallest particles in the air. The P500 comes with filters that can be used individually to meet your specific needs: «ALLERGY» filter for people with allergies, «BABY» filter for families with children and «SMOG» filter for city residents and smokers. The P500 comes standard with the ALLERGY filter. The BABY and SMOG filters are available from the online shop.


P500 Air Purifier BONECO Living Room

Product Highlights

 Red Dot Design Award Winner

  • Air purification according to personal preference: ALLERGY/BABY/SMOG
  • High cleaning output: airflow up to 300 m3 per hour in CADR
  • Whisper-quiet in operation, ideal for rooms up to 45-55 m3
  • Easy handling with the remote control
  • Clear indication of the air quality in the living room


Product Details


  • Ideal for families with children, people with allergies, city dwellers and smokers
  • Special filter package according to personal preference: ALLERGY/BABY/SMOG
  • High cleaning output
  • Clear indication of the air quality in the living room
  • Easy operation with the remote control
  • Automatic operation function (AUTO MODE)
  • Energy-saving function (SLEEP MODE)
  • Extra-fast air purification (POWER MODE)
  • Reminder for filter change
  • Timer for setting operating times according to your preferences
  • Whisper-quiet in operation
  • Container for the use of fragrances
  • High-quality components with long service life
  • The P500 comes standard with the ALLERGY filter
P400 Air Purifier BONECO System Description Function
System description Air Purifier


A Purifier filters out ultrafine particles, thus providing clean and healthy room air. With our special filter package (HEPA and active carbon filters), the appliance removes allergens, pollen, viruses, dust, pet dander, dust mites, smoke and odors from the air.

Allergy sufferer


It does not take much to feel healthy at home
BONECO Allergy Family
BONECO air purifier with high-quality filter package specially made for allergy sufferers
  • Sneezing and itchy pollen makes your stay outside more difficult – protect yourself at home with an air
  • purifier
  • Provides easier breathing and a restful sleep
  • Increases performance and motivation
  • Slows the formation of dust
  • Healthy air is at home in the mountains and is right in the middle of your everyday life with BONECO healthy air
Like cleansing rain

Are you familiar with the satisfying feeling when you go for a walk and can breathe easily after a thunderstorm? Nature shows us the way. At home, it's our HYBRID which regulates the beneficial air quality.

What impairs you outside – is a relief inside 


  • Don't give allergens any opportunity
  • Free the air of allergens
  • Maintain the protective function of your mucous membranes
  • Relief for your respiratory tracts, nose and eyes
  • Combat the symptoms in a natural way
We know how it feels to suffer from Allergies, but we also know how to combat them. During the development of our products, it is essential for us to consider the needs of allergy sufferers.”
Poor air – Good air

Living rooms are often highly polluted due to a high concentration of allergens. The cleaned room air feels as if you are in the mountains breathing in clean air. Developed for you, the filter packages which include a HEPA filter reduces 99% of the allergens in the air.

BONECO Allergy Family Sleeping
Don't give allergens a chance - rid the air of them

Only the best for your children

We develop our products with the same level of attention you devote to your children. With the objective of offering systems which satisfy the needs of your children and are very easy to operate.

BONECO Family Mother with Baby
Air is vital for life – just like security and love of your children 
BONECO healthy air Family Baby
Well during the day – calm and secure at night


  • Protect your children against the risk of colds and infections
  • Reduce allergic symptoms in a natural way (pollen, dust, animal hair)
  • Promote healthy sleep
Good air strengthens children's bodies


  • For children and also for parents, we recommend relative air humidity of between 40 and 60 percent at home
  • Optimum air humidity reduces red, dry eyes, scratchy throats, protects respiratory tracts and moistens the mucous membranes in the nose
  • Reduces the risk of allergies, flu, and the number of bacteria found in the room air
  • Ensures healthy and relaxing sleep, a healthy room climate and well-being for the whole family
We develop our products with the same level of attention you devote to your children. With the objective of offering systems which satisfy the needs of your children and are very easy to operate.”

Humidified room air ensures that particles in the air become too heavy and fall to the floor. The pathogens are therefore not at face level and reduce the risk of colds and infections. This humidified air also prevents the sensitive skin of children from becoming dry.

BONECO Family sleeping Baby
Just the right thing for you and and your children


Technical Data
PARTICLE CADR «ALLERGY» FILTERSmoke 242 m³/h (143 cfm) / Dust 262 m³/h (155 cfm) / Pollen 299 m³/h (177 cfm)
PARTICLE CADR «BABY» FILTERSmoke 211 m³/h (125 cfm) / Dust 226 m³/h (134 cfm) / Pollen 233 m³/h (138 cfm)
PARTICLE CADR «SMOG» FILTERSmoke 254 m³/h (150 cfm) / Dust 282 m³/h (167 cfm) / Pollen 326 m³/h (193 cfm)
RECOMMENDED ROOM SIZE UP TO (M2)18 –22 m² (194 –233 sq ft)
RECOMMENDED ROOM SIZE UP TO (M3)45–55 m³ (1590 – 1942 cu ft)
AIR FLOW300 m³/h (177 CFM)
DIMENSIONS (LXWXH)224×450×642 mm (9x18x25 in.)
WEIGHT (EMPTY)7.35 kg / 8.00 kg (16.20 lbs. / 17.64 lbs.) (with «ALLERGY» filter)
SYSTEMAir Purifier

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