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Bernina Large Oval Hoop

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BERNINA Special accessories for embroidery machines

The Large oval hoop

The Large oval hoop, with a maximum embroidery area of 14.5 × 25.5 cm, enables the production of large-scale embroidery designs. This hoop is also ideal for combining several smaller motifs. The included template makes quick work of accurately positioning the item to be embroidered in the hoop.

This greatly simplifies the  embroidering of gorgeous embellishments on needlework, home furnishings and garments. The Large oval hoop is one of the standard accessories included with BERNINA embroidery machines. The Medium, Small, Mega, and Jumbo hoops are part of the BERNINA range of special accessories for embroidery machines.

Discover the Large oval hoop for yourself now, and use it to create attractive embroidery designs and unique motifs on your embroidery machine!