Dyson Brush Roller DC25 - 12150003
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Dyson Brush Roller DC25

Manufacturer #:12-1500-03

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This Replacement Dyson DC25 Roller Brush Bar/Agitator features bristles that rotate at high speeds to extract dirt from your carpets.

 The main purpose of the brushroll is to loosen dirt from carpet fibres and move it upward to where the motor can pull it into the vacuum cleaner.

If your existing brush bar has worn bristles, it will not effectively clean your carpets. It's easy to tell when the bristles are worn out, as they feel soft instead of stiff and they may also have split ends. The bearings in the brushroll may be defective or may be clogged with hairs and carpet fibres, that’s why this replacement is essential.

Brush roller Should Be Replace Every few Years For Best Cleaning Performance.

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