Riccar 6 Series - Vibrance Belt -2-Pack (RS20-B2) - 098612041450
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Riccar 6 Series - Vibrance Belt -2-Pack (RS20-B2)

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This Riccar Simplicity Vibrance Symmetry 20 Series Belt 2-Pack (RS20-B2) contains 2 flat belts that fit the Riccar Vibrance and 8000 Series Upright Vacuums. Changing your belt is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your Vacuum operating at peak performance. This belt is the same as B014-0714 and fits the following Vacuum Cleaners: Vibrance R20 Series models R20E, R20S, R20D and R20SC models; Vibrance VIBD, VIBDL, VIBC, VIBCL, VIBCLNT models; Vibrance VIBE, VIBENT, VIBS, VIBST models; Vibrance Patriotic models including VIBUSA.SU; 8000 Series models including 8625, 8650, 8715, 8850, 8600, 8625, 8750; All 4000 series R Series Vacuums, 2150 models.