Sebo Bags Service Box X Series 5828AM - 5094113
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Sebo Bags Service Box X Series 5828AM

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

Product Descriptions

SEBO X series service box gives everything for a complete vacuum maintenance. 10 bags, Exhaust filter and Micro filter gives the vacuum a year supply of bags and filters (based on standard use). This ensures that your vacuum will put out clean filtered air that SEBO is world renowned for. Part # 5828AM


S-class Pre-motor Microfilters – S-class Pre-motor Microfilters (S =
“Schwebstoff” = airborne particles) are made from electrostatically charged micro-fiber material, which attracts and captures dust particles from the airflow of the vacuum before it passes over the motor to cool it. Cooling the motor with super-clean air increases motor life and reduces the possibility of maintenance, even after many years of use. The S-class Standard requires filters to absorb greater than 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter. For comparison, 100 microns is the diameter of a human hair. Their advantages are a relatively open texture that allows smoother airflow for better suction performance, a longer life expectancy, and they cost less than HEPA filters.
HEPA Pre-motor Microfilters (Optional) – HEPA Pre-motor Microfilters ("High Efficiency Particulate Air") remove a minimum of 99.97% of all airborne particulate matter down to 0.3 microns in diameter. Because these filters use small grid-like structures to capture dust particles, dirt build-up clogs the airflow pathway sooner than what is expected from S-class microfilters. However, SEBO’s HEPA microfilters are sold along with four-layer "Ultra-bags," which provide highly effective filtration before the airflow goes through the HEPA microfilter, greatly increasing life expectancy and reducing the potential of diminished air flow.
Exhaust Filters – Exhaust filters clean the air emitted by the vacuum motor.
SEBO Filter System