Sebo Duo-P Daisy Carpet Brush DUO-DAISY
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Sebo Duo-P Daisy Carpet Brush DUO-DAISY

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The duo Daisy Brush Provides Quick
Convenient Carpet Cleaning –
This duo accessory is a necessity! The Daisy is a single brush and is not motorized. However, it is the ultimate in convenience because, with its adjustable handle and very light weight, one can work in a comfortable upright position and clean both small and medium-size carpeted areas, such as hallways or an entire room. The Daisy even offers two brush bristle options for different types of carpet: easy or aggressive. Its adjustable handle accommodates user height preferences and enables it to be stored in small spaces. The Daisy and duo Hand Brush can also be used to clean carpet and upholstery in cars, boats and RVs. The Daisy Brush's head width is 11 inches, and its brush-path width is 8 1/2 inches.

No More Wet Carpets

No soap, water or shampoo. No 'areas out of use'. No shrinkage. The dirt taken from the carpet and absorbed by the powder.

Dust Mites Reduced