Hizero 4 in 1 Cordless Floor Cleaner
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Hizero 4 in 1 Cordless Floor Cleaner

Manufacturer #:17-4117-03

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Hizero is an innovative new brand dedicated to designing smart products that make cleaning quick, easy and efficient. Inspired by action of pet eating with years’ research and observation, Hizero Bionic Cleaning Technology came out and we created the world’s first dual-use and self-cleanable floor cleaner called HIZERO. It is a smart cleaning system tool that integrates our cleaning process from four steps to only one. We need not sweep, mop, dry, and finally clean tools, instead, we use HIZERO to finish all our cleaning work in one easy step within several minutes.
Hizero Bionic Cleaning Technology and our product HIZERO get attentions from all over the world quickly in 2016. Famous enterprises from Germany, Europe, and America have a win-win cooperation with us. HIZIRO also performs very well on CES and IFA international exhibitions.
About HIZERO® brand: 
We are starting at ground zero and taking cleaning into the era of High Technology with the Hizero Bionic Cleaner. This appliance is leading the way into the future and make your cleaning efforts more efficient.


Why Choose HIZERO?


The world’s latest high technology smart cleaning tool.

The first solid-liquid wastes separation cleaner.

4 in 1 function. Can finish all cleaning work in one easy step.

Innovative self-cleaning system. No need to wash after use.

80 minutes working time with 100% charge.

Vacuum Cleaner/Clean Robot/Mop Tool

A great homogeneous competition for any clean tool.

Can not separate solid wastes from fluid wastes.

Single function. Can not finish all cleaning work by a single tool.

Can not be self-cleaning. Need to be cleaned after use. 

30 minutes working time at most under full charge. 

Market Drivers and Potential


Global market for Household Vacuum Cleaner is forecast to reach US$ 1.4 billion by 2020.


Global market for Household Vacuum Cleaner is forecast to reach 115.7 million units by 2020.


The region of Asia-Pacific is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 5.6%.

Market Constructing

HIZERO Target: 230 Million








South-East Asia


The first generation bionic cleaner Hizero F801, recognized and voted by hundreds of dealers at VDTA exhibition, has won the annual best new brand award in Feb 2017 in Las Vegas after competed with Dyson V8 and other brands. Meanwhile, HIZERO also has become the youngest winning company since VDTA was set up 36 years ago.


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