Baby Lock Thread Net - 205020109
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Baby Lock Thread Net

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

IDEAL FOR WOOLLY NYLON AND OTHER DECORATIVE THREADS. KEEPS SERGER CONE THREADS TANGLE AND LINT FREE. SLIPS OVER THE TOP OF EACH CONE. 205020109A SL500 SL660 SL850 SL880 DBL34-60 BL80 BL90 BLSE200 BLSE300 BL3-318 BL3-407 BL3-408 BL415 BL3-416 BL3-417 BL3-418 BL3-426 BL4-428 BL4-428D BL428K BL4-428NS BL4-436 BL4-436DF BL3-437 BL3-437D BL4-605 EA605 BL4-625 BL4-714 BL4-728 BL4-728D BL4-736 BL4-736D BL4-738 BL4-738D BL4-738NS BL4-838D BL3200 BL5180 BL5180NS BL5260 BL5260D BL5280E BL5280ENS BL5280ED BL5360ED BL5380ED BLE1AT BLE1 BLE1DX BLE1LX BLE1SX BLCS BLE8 BLE3AT