Viking Edge Stitching Foot for IDF Epic 2 #920570096 - 7393033104122
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Viking Edge Stitching Foot for IDF Epic 2 #920570096

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Product Description

IDF Edge Stitching Foot
Category: 9 Epic 2 only
Part Number: 920570096

Edge Stitching Foot with a 9mm stitch width for the Integrated Dual Feed (IDF) System on the Epic 2.
The flange along the edge of the foot keeps the distance between the edge of the fabric and the stitching consistent.

1. Snap on the Edge Stitching Foot.
2. Place project under foot with the flange guide at the edge of the project.
3. Select straight stitch (or desired stitch) and adjust needle position so the stitching row will be sewn at desired distance from edge. (Adjust the straight stitch needle positions from side to side with the width adjustment.)
4. For additional parallel rows of topstitching, adjust needle position and sew.