Bernina Q16 with Foldable Table
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Bernina Q16 with Foldable Table

Q Series Sit Down

With different table options

  • 16“ & 20" throat space for big quilt projects
  • Unique digital thread tension adjustment
  • Easy threading, independent bobbin winder
  • Quilting without foot control
  • Stitch Regulation for perfect stitches

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The BERNINA Q Series Sit-Down Models – Q 16 and Q 20

Amanda Murphy has a passion for designing and creating quilts on her BERNINA Q 16. While her studio is small, the roomy quilting space of the Q 16 adds convenience and ease to her creative process. Like Amanda, you’ll love the fast 2,000 stitches per minute as well as the three modes of the BERNINA Stitch Regulator – all without having to press the foot control.

Small Spaces. Big Ideas.

Small Spaces. Big Ideas.

      The BERNINA Q 16 and Q 20 are longarm quilting machines and only differ in the length of the throat space and the maximum sewing space. 

    • Q 20 has a throat space of 20 inches
    • Q 16 has a throat space of 16 inches

      Both machines can be paired with a standard or height-adjustable cabinet or with a foldable, height-adjustable table.

Hand-guided quilting made easy

  • Precise regulated stitches (in BSR mode)
  • Four different modes for full flexibility
  • Simple customization via touch screen
Thanks to the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator you achieve perfect stitches at equal-length no matter which speed you move the fabric. A manual mode with no stitch regulation is also available.

Unique user interface

  • Simple-to-navigate touch screen
  • Individual settings for full comfort
  • Built-in tutorials offer full assistance
Totally customizable, the user interface includes useful functions, such as five user profiles, a stitch counter, and built-in tutorials regarding maintenance

Quilting without the foot control

  • Fatigue-free quilting whenever you like
  • Enjoy full comfort and relax your foot
  • Perfect for creating large projects
The KickStart function allows you to quilt continuously without having to hold down the foot control. The KickStart function can be easily activated or deactivated via touch screen.

Fast threading and winding

Fast threading and winding

  • Threading becomes a child's play
  • Enjoy comfort all the way
  • Wind your own bobbin in no time
The well-positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow. The on-board bobbin winder makes it convenient to wind your own bobbins.

Unique thread tension control

Unique thread tension control

  • Adjust thread tension digitally
  • Tension release for threading ease
  • No external tension assembly required
The exclusive tension system features numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success, no external tension assembly required.

Beautiful stitches every time

  • Achieve precise stitching results
  • Stitches are always consistent
  • Perfection is the new standard
With high-speed precision stitching, you will complete more quilts quicker than ever.

Ergonomics matter

Ergonomics matter

  • Full operation from the front
  • Different table options available
  • Easy manual needle positioning 
The machine can be fully operated from the front. The handwheel in the front allows for easy manual needle positioning. Choose between different table options to best suit your preferences. 

Working with bright lights

  • Naturally illuminated working area
  • Sufficient lighting even in darker rooms
  • Perfect illumination of the quilting area 
50 bright LED lights along the throat space of the machine and above the needle illuminate the quilt for enhanced visibility.

Upgrade your Q 20 Sit-Down

Upgrade your Q 20 Sit-Down

  • The Q 20 is frame ready
  • Enjoy stand-up frame quilting with your Q 20
  • Different frame sizes available

Place your Q 20 Sit Down any time on one of the many frame options and enjoy free-hand stand-up quilting.

Standard accessories for the BERNINA Q 16


Thread lubricating unit
The lubricating unit helps to improve the stitch quality when working with difficult threads such as metallic threads or when using adhesive sprays or iron-on stabilizers.
Tin box
The accessories are stored in the tin box.
White net
The white spool net allows a smooth flow of very thin or slippery thread from the spool.
Manual threader
The manual threader is used for threading the double needle.
Screwdriver, red
The red screwdriver is used to adjust the bobbin thread tension.
Foot control (Table Model only)
Via the foot control the machine can be started and stopped. 
Power cord
The power cord connects the machine with the power supply system.
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Use to clean the display.
Silicon oil
The thread lubricating unit is filled with silicon oil.
2 Thread discs
The thread disc supports a regular unwinding of the thread from the spool and stabilizes small thread spools on the vertical spool pin.
5 Bobbins in the accessory, 1 bobbin in machine
The bobbins are filled with the bobbin thread.
2 Spool stabilizers
The spool stabilizers steady big thread spools when they are used on the vertical spool holder.
Seam ripper
The seam ripper is an indispensable aid to undo seams.
5 Needles 130/705 H PRO 100
The needles are suitable for any common applications.
Torx screwdriver T25
For frame assembly.
Torx screwdriver T6
Use the torx screwdriver T6 to change the needle.
Use the brush to clean the hook and the hook race area.
Lubricator pen
Use the lubricator pen to oil the hook.
Bobbin thread tension gauge
With this device, the tension of the bobbin thread can be adjusted.
Mettler Thread
Three cones with quilting thread