Babylock Multi-Position Screwdriver #BLMPD - 098612251088
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Babylock Multi-Position Screwdriver #BLMPD

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

The Multi-position screwdriver can be changed to three different positions, making it extremely useful for the various machine preparations such as changing the needle, removing the presser foot holder, removing the needle plate or even tightening hoops for embroidery. Fits Most Baby Lock Models


  • Position 1: You can install/remove the presser foot holder, needle clamp screw.
  • Position 2: You can install/remove the needle plate.
  • Position 3: The multi-position screwdriver can be positioned over the screw on the embroidery frame to tighten the screw after hooping the fabric or when removing the fabric.

Part Number: BAB BLMPD