Miele Dishwasher Ultra Tabs - 4002516247265
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Miele Dishwasher Ultra Tabs

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

Product Information

Part # 11772170 replaces #11295860

for best cleaning results in Miele dishwashers.
  • Sparkling results – even with stubborn soiling
  • Water-soluble and biodegradable wrapping – no need to unwrap
  • With functions such as rinse aid, salt and glassware protection
  • Phosphate-free — good for the environment
  • Simply perfect dishwashing with Miele.

Best cleaning in less than an hour

An unbeatable combination: the QuickIntenseWash program and the perfectly matching All in 1 UltraTabs achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results on normally soiled dishware in 58 minutes, just like the PowerDisk. These specially developed tabs only take 2–3 minutes to dissolve. Thus, the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash cycle.

Optimum cleaning results

Simply perfect dishwashing. You always take full advantage of the performance of your dishwasher when using Miele dishwasher detergents.

Sparkling shine

"With a unique combination of intelligent appliance features and Miele detergents, Miele is the specialist for gentle treatment of glasses."