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Kleenco Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

In Store Service On Every Sewing Machine And Vacuum we Sell.

Whether you are cleaning the awning to your business or remove smoke and soot from fire damaged furniture the goal is to remove the soil without harming the surface being cleaned.

 Are you trying to remove greasy, oily soils from your kitchen cabinets? Finger prints off a painted wall or door? Clean the mess off the outdoor furniture. Detail the vinyl seats on your cherished 50's classic or the whites walls on the tire or the chrome on the spokes.

 Happily, you don't have to a special cleaner for each of these tasks. Trust one of Kleenco's general purpose cleaners to get the job done.

 Our PK-200 has been used to clean the production lines at some of the world’s largest bottling companies, computer keyboards, cases and assorted office furniture by some of the biggest names in the industry. It has even been used to clean diesel stains and road soils off the back of buses on the transit fleet in Seattle. This is one product that no home or business should be without.

 Our cleaners pack the punch to get the job done quickly at an economical dilution.