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BEE'S WAX Household Polish 17oz.

Many polishes do a fine job but eventually leave sticky wax buildup. Not this one:

This natural formula will leave your home looking beautiful.

  • Compared with other brands, less was used and the results lasted longer
  • The beeswax formula shines and protects everything from your car dashboard to your fine silver
  • Use it to achieve a beautiful luster on leather, wrought iron, marble, granite, glass and mirrors, even stainless steel
  • Won't fingerprint
  • 17 oz aerosol can
  • USA made
  • Tired of your bathroom MIRRORS fogging up? How about your automobile windshield GLASS? This product makes glass seem invisible and prevents fogging and is an excellent glass and mirror cleaner. It is also anti-static and actually repels dust so surface stays cleaner longer.
    This product makes GRANITE, MARBLE, CORIAN and SILESTONE acid resistant to protect from spills of acidic liquids such as coffee, orange juice, etc and is FOOD SAFE for countertops. It is never greasy.

    When used to clean and polish STAINLESS STEEL, Beeswax works beautifully and won't fingerprint. It also cleans all other metals like Copper, brass, silver, etc.

    When used on your shower doors and tile walls, it prevents soap scum buildup and the surfaces stay vibrant.

    It also cleans, moisturizes and restores vibrant color to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc. with no greasy feel.

    The Original Bees Wax restores the natural beauty of wood furniture, prevents dryness, won't fingerprint, NEVER leaves a wax buildup and requires NO BUFFING.

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