Boneco Fan F120 BONECO Stand Fan white (USA) - 834546001241
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Boneco Fan F120 BONECO Stand Fan white (USA)

Manufacturer #:F120

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 Air Shower Fan F120       


Create the perfect breeze

Product Description

The BONECO F120 is the perfect product for bedrooms or mid-sized rooms. It features a stylish and innovative single arm design to help achieve superior airflow. The head of the fan can be rotated 270 degrees which makes it extremely versatile – point it at yourself for direct cooling or reflect it off your ceiling or wall to create the signature air shower feeling. The F120 has 3-speed levels which are controlled by a rotary knob.

F120 Air Shower Fan BONECO Bed Room
Product Highlights


  • Stylish, unique and innovative single arm design
  • Superior air circulation for signature natural air shower feeling
  • 270 degree manually rotatable airflow
  • Rotational knob controls 3-speed levels
  • Elegant and strong Foot Stand design enables stable and safe operation
  • Original Swiss design and engineering
System Description Air Shower Fan


The BONECO line of Air Shower Fans have been specially designed to move a greater volume of air and at fasters speeds to create a powerful stream of air and achieve superb air circulation. This keeps the room’s air in constant motion to create a shower of air all around you, disperse any hot or cold spots, and keep the entire room more comfortable.

Air Shower Fan BONECO System Description Function
Technical Data
MAINS VOLTAGE110-130V ~ 50Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION20 W (max. level)
AIRFLOW610 m³/h
AIRSPEED4.1 m/sec
DIMENSIONS L×W×H278 x 278 x 540 mm
WEIGHT2.9 kg
BLADE150 mm
OPERATION NOISE LEVEL55 dB(A) (max. level)