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The creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine marks a revolutionary step for sewists. A world first in the home sewing industry, artificial intelligence and voice control features give you the ultimate connectivity, enabling you to reach new levels of your craft, effortlessly.

pfaff creative icon 2


More Top Features
Machine Performance - See projects clearly and sew through even some of the most challenging materials
Enhanced Original IDT™ - Feed fabric perfectly with the original IDT™
Exclusive Stitch Techniques - Create unique projects with ribbon stitches, radiant stitches, floating stitches, and more
Patented ActivStitch™ Technology - Perfect stitch quality front and back
Embroidery Features
  • Largest Embroidery Area
  • Precise Positioning Feature
  • More Than 870 Embroidery Designs
  • Shape Creator™
  • Applique Creator
  • creative signature™ Embroidery Programs
  • Embroidery Stitch Out Overview
  • Fast Embroidery Speeds
  • Cut Jump Stitches
  • Auto Save
  • Embroider Any Sewing Stitch
  • Undo/Redo in Embroidery Edit
  • 4 Embroidery Hoops Included
  • Hoop Positions
  • QuickFont Program Included
  • mySewnet™ Basic Software for Viewing & Organizing Designs


Sewing Features
  • Over 800 Stitches
  • Stitch Creator
  • Stitch Repeat
  • Tapering on Decorative Stitches
  • Three Free-Motion Modes
  • Sew with Embroidery Unit On
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift
  • Electronic Knee Lift
  • Stitch Positioning
  • Stitch Density
  • Sensormatic One-Step Buttonhole
  • Mirror Image of Stitches
  • Stitch Restart
  • Needle Up/Down
  • Start/Stop
  • Stitch Width Safety
  • Twin Needle Program


Machine Features
  • Built-In Help Center
  • 10.1" Touch Screen
  • Large Sewing Space
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Extra Large Bobbin
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate with Sensor
  • Enhanced Fabric Feed
  • Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors
  • Separate Bobbin Wind Motor
  • Thread Snips
  • Updateable Firmware
  • Jam Proof Rotary Hook
  • Built-in Accessory Tray
  • Telescopic Thread Guide
  • Multiple USB Ports
  • Embroidery Unit Case Included

UPDATE VERSION: Release 685 (7 July 2022)
In order to improve PFAFF® CREATIVE ICON™ 2, a firmware update has been developed. 
The upgrades and improvements are described below.
Improvements in update:
  • ICON2FW-2573 Show QR code to “Accessory Catalog” so that the user can open & print it in their phone/computer
  • ICON2FW-2278 There is "45°" button in projector grid options, but there is no "0°" button
  • ICON2FW-2717 Faking PSU temperature sensor: Implement for Icon2
  • ICON2FW-2729 Create release candidate 4 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2718 Create release candidate 3 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2707 Create release candidate 2 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2705 New set of project files for creative icon 2
  • ICON2FW-2698 Create release candidate 1 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2694 Disable hidden WiFi settings
  • ICON2FW-2693 A new version of creative icon 2 manual
  • ICON2FW-2692 New Lingvist files creative icon 2
  • ICON2FW-2682 Requesting a Clo. file for running embroidery continuously for ICON 2
  • ICON2FW-2674 Some texts in the help center do not fit in the Russian translation
  • ICON2FW-2666 Voice - Open parts of help center - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2660 Split the word "Stickvorgang" in German translations. It does not fit in the UI
  • ICON2FW-2651 Adjust exposure when opening camera calibration window
  • ICON2FW-2647 Firmware release 5 for creative icon 2 (FPF15902)
  • ICON2FW-2645 Compensate for 2mm fabric height when projecting in Embroidery Mode
  • ICON2FW-2643 Adjust visual appearance of camera calibration
  • ICON2FW-2634 Fine-tune automatic camera calibration
  • ICON2FW-2606 Refactor basting in Stitch-Out settings and revert removal of basting logic in APPStitchOut
  • ICON2FW-2599 New English Lingvist file to Tech Info
  • ICON2FW-2550 Status call in the API regarding the CEA/Ribbon foot - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2478 Hoop scanning should always use max brightness for LED work light
  • ICON2FW-2386 Add the missing P250_AccessoryNotSupportedPopup.qml
  • ICON2FW-2374 Change multi function foot control settings - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2371 Send design - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2368 Handle alarm using speech - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2366 Continue from saved state - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2148 Naming of Free Motion options and feet
  • ICON2FW-2591 Voice- manage and reply to pop-ups on the screen – Machine
  • ICON2FW-359 Support FR, DE, ES languages in database for builtin embroideries
Update file:

Note: The update file is very large (over 1 GB) and the download process might take several minutes.
Download update release

How to update your machine

  1. Download the update firmware zip file. Unzip the file and copy the file (.clo) to a USB device. Note: Do not change the name of the file or do not copy the file into an existing folder on the USB device. Note: Make sure that there is no old firmware update file (. clo) on the USB stick when copying the new firmware update file (.clo). The file name is not unique. 
  2. Make sure that the machine is turned off. Connect the USB device loaded with the new firmware version to a USB port on your machine. 
  3. Press and hold the Reverse button, located on the front of the machine, and turn on your machine with the ON/OFF switch. Release the Reverse button when an update icon is shown on the screen. 
  4. The firmware update will be verified and installed. The machine may restart several times during the update process. Do not turn off the machine. 
  5. When the update is completed the machine will restart automatically. Check the software version number in Settings, Machine Information.