Mastery 2 Viking Topaz 50 and 40
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Mastery 2 Viking Topaz 50 and 40

In Mastery 2 you will learn how to use some the awesome decorative stitches and techniques on the sewing side of the machine.  Explore twin and wing needles and the stitches to use with these needles.  Look at some different decorative threads and techniques.  Explore the excitement of programming different stitches to create your own unique look.  Again this class is specific to the Viking Topaz 50 and 40, so we can focus on the specific aspects of this machine.

This is a Zoom class.  All students will receive a link to a recording of the class to review after the class.  If you sign up but cannot make the class, you will receive this link to watch when you have time.  Since this is a Zoom class, the deadline for signing up is Monday, November 30 at 6PM.  Later in the evening you will be sent a link and a PDF of the paperwork for the class. 

If you have a chance, go to the store and ask for a Mastery 2 packet.  The paperwork and sample fabrics are in it.  You will need a wing needle or a size 110 or 120 universal needle for the class.  Please have a bobbin wound with 60 weight thread for the class- the spool of Finishing Touch that came with the machine will work.  Also you will need some lightweight thread and decorative thread to thread the machine.
If you cannot get to the store before hand, the paperwork will be sent to you when you receive the class Zoom link.

Please have:
Bobbin wound with lightweight thread- the spool of Finishing Touch that came with the machine will work
twin needle- came with the machine
wing needle or 110 or 120 universal needle - available at the store
lightweight thread to thread machine- 60 - 80 wgt
decorative thread- RA rayon, Floriani for example

The sample fabrics for the class are:

2- 6" squares lightweight cotton like batiste- stabilize with a lightweight tearaway
1 - 6" length of lace- one edge must be straight
3- 3x6" lengths of plain fabric- stabilized with a lightweight tearaway
1 - 6" square of quilting weight fabric
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Mastery 2 Viking Topaz 50 and 40

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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 9:00 am to 11:30 am
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