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Viking Platinum 730

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Viking Platinum 730
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Whether you sew one hour a day or every day of the week, you want an easy, fun sewing machine.

Take a look at the Platinum 730. It has many different stitches, the Exclusive Sewing Advisor and plenty of other features that make sewing easy and fun. Read more about the features and why the Platinum 730 is an ideal sewing machine for the beginner or expert.

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Detailed Features & Benefits
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Key Features
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Why would you need an extra hand when you can have an extra brain?

With the Exclusive Sewing Advisor you can concentrate on the creative part of sewing. Instead of deciding what presser foot is best for what stitch, what stitch length should be used for what fabric, or what stitch width is ideal for your project, you can figure out if you prefer blue or green. Since the Sewing Advisor automatically sets the sewing machine, all you need to do is decide what fabric and what sewing technique you want to sew. Both the Platinum 770 and the Platinum 730 feature the Exclusive Sewing Advisor.

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Lots of Program Memory
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Decorate your curtains faster than you can hang them.

A sewing machine with lots of memory means that you can combine many stitches and letters. That makes it easier for you to decorate large pieces, like quilts and curtains. And there's a lot to combine. All Platinum sewing machines have a variety of decorative stitches to play with. The Platinum 770 has a whopping 284 of them.
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The Right Stitch
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When stitches are as pretty as ours, why hide them in a menu?

With all new Husqvarna Viking sewing machines you can select the right stitch with the touch of a finger. The most commonly used stitches are presented on the buttons graphically. This saves you going into the menu to find the stitch you need and minimises the interruptions when your are sewing. Just point and you are on your way.
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Sometimes repeating yourself is a good thing

Sewing identical buttonholes is easy, fast and fun. Really. At least, if you have a sewing machine with PBB. Then it's easy to sew as many beautiful, identical buttonholes as you need.

PBB stands for Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes - a buttonhole system on all new Husqvarna Viking sewing machines.

The secret is that both sides of the buttonhole are sewn in the same direction, making both sides attractive and evenly balanced. The one step Sensor Buttonhole Foot makes sure that every buttonhole is exactly the same length, which is handy since you usually have to sew more than one.
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Needle Threader
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Good news: An anti-wrinkle system that works!

All the sewing machines in the Platinum family have built-in needle threaders, which means you don't have to strain your eyes threading the needle.

If you are sewing a project that requires a lot of different thread colors, or even just one color, you'll really appreciate the needle threader. Perfect to eliminate interruptions when you sew, and good for preventing those little wrinkles around the eyes.

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