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  Husqvarna Viking Diamond™ Husqvarna Viking Diamond™ Husqvarna Viking Diamond™ Husqvarna Viking Diamond™
Husqvarna Viking Diamond™The most brilliant sewing and embroidery machine ever!

Turn on the Husqvarna Viking Diamond™. As the largest Interactive This jewel sets new standards in sewing and embroidery. Husqvarna Viking® offers sewing enthusiasts the most generous, spacious features available today, along with cutting-edge technology and design. This rare gem will inspire your creativity like never before!

  Husqvarna Viking Diamond™
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Ultimate Interactive Screen
The Ultimate Interactive Screen is larger (174 x 104 mm) than any other sewing screen in the industry. The full color, wide VGA touch screen is unique and provides the highest resolution available. Stitches and embroidery designs are shown in stunning 3D realism. In addition to its impressive size, it is also the easiest to navigate. Use your stylus, or an optional USB mouse, to select any function, stitch, or information - with a touch!
Largest Embroidery area
Create and embroider designs larger than ever before!

The Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine features the largest embroidery area in the home sewing industry.

The extraordinary Designer™ Majestic Hoop* measures 360 x 350 mm (14 ¼" x 13 ¾") and lets you embroider larger than life designs without re-hooping. Three hoops are included with the Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine:
  • Designer™ Splendid Square Hoop - 120 x 120 mm (4 ¾" x 4 ¾")
  • Designer™ Crown Hoop - 260 x 200 mm (10 ¼" x 8")
  • Designer™ Royal Hoop - 360 mm x 200 mm (14 ¼" x 8")
  • * Optional Accessory. Includes bonus exclusive embroidery designs.
    Largest Sewing Surface
    The Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine features the longest free arm in the industry offering the most space, nearly 10" (250 mm), to the right of the needle. This new Swedish design provides the optimal space to sew large quilts, home décor projects, and garments.
    Imagine the Convenience
    No other sewing and embroidery machine delivers state-of-the-art ease of use like the Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine. Sewers who value the fewest steps between them and every function they want will appreciate this next new level of convenience.
    Step Saver Operating System
    The Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine is designed and built to make your favorite activity a joyful experience. With the fewest steps possible between you and every function or setting you desire – it’s truly intuitive!
    Exclusive Sewing Advisor®
    Automatic settings and expert advice for optimal results.

    Enter fabric type, weight, and sewing technique and the exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature will take care of all the settings - stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension, sewing speed and presser foot pressure. Best stitch is displayed with the recommended presser foot and needle size and type on the Ultimate Interactive Screen.
    Embroidery Advisor™
    Beautiful embroidery results!

    The EMBROIDERY ADVISOR™ feature leaves nothing to chance.

    It recommends appropriate needle, stabilizer and thread when you enter the type and weight of your fabric. Plus it gives you tips for embroidering with specialty fabrics and threads.
    Smart Save
    Remembers your place in embroidery.

    The Smart Save feature saves your embroidery with adjustments when you stop embroidering or when power is turned off or interrupted.
    Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
    Eliminate trimming time as you create beautiful embroideries!

    The Automatic Jump Stitch Trim feature cuts your embroidery jump stitches automatically and pulls down the thread tails for quick and neat finishing.
    Adjustable E LIGHT™ system
    The best lighting for every sewing situation.

    The Adjustable E LIGHT™ system is rows of long-lasting LED lights that can be adjusted in intensity and color to accommodate the light in your environment or fabric reflection. Easily go from cold to warm, intense or soft light, for best possible visibility!
    Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
    Perfectly balanced buttonholes with the Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot, sews both columns in the same direction for balanced, professional results.
    Quick help/guide
    Instant on-screen explanation.

    Touch Quick Help and then any stitch, icon or function to see its name and explanation.
    Imagine the Innovation
    Now, experience the most exceptional advances in sewing and embroidery technology. From spectacular stitches to brilliant tools, every enthusiast sewer’s desire is fulfilled.
    Design Positioning
    A revolutionary tool for everyone who loves large embroideries!

    The Design positioning feature will place your designs with amazing precision. With the Design Positioning Wizard, matching of large embroideries has never been easier.
    Design Shaping
    New ways to enhance your embroidery experience.

    Use stitches and designs to create original embroideries on your Ultimate Interactive Screen. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!
    Designer™ Deluxe Selection
    Endless opportunities to be creative.

    The Designer™ Deluxe Selection offers more than 1100 beautiful stitches and lettering, up to 41.7 mm wide with Omni Motion Stitches, plus hundreds of embroidery designs.
    Enlarge or reduce an embroidery design to the exact size you need.

    With the Resize feature you can reduce an embroidery design up to five times smaller or increase it up to eight times larger than the original design. The machine recalculates the number of stitches so the original stitch density remains.
    Go To Exact Embroidery Stitch Number
    No need to step through embroidery design stitch-by-stitch. Just click in the centre of the stitch-by-stitch icon and you can enter the exact stitch number you want within the color block.
    Embroidery Time by Color
    Automatic display of embroidery time, by color, so you always know how long it will take to embroider.
    Exceptional Swedish Design
    Sewing machines of superior quality and cutting edge technology have been designed and engineered in Sweden for over 135 years. The Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine takes Swedish design to a new level. The perfect combination of sleek and modern - smooth and inviting. A beautiful lighted Stylus Holder and back-lighting of top thread area and aluminum button panel, enhances the premium feel.
    USB Connection
    Smooth transfer of designs and updates.

    Two USB ports allow you to transfer designs directly to and from your computer via USB stick, direct connection to your computer or optional CD drive. For your convenience, the Designer Diamond™machine reads the most popular design formats.
    Access to the latest software innovations.

    Download updates for your Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine easily via the Internet or at your Husqvarna Viking® retailer.
    Imagine the Opportunities
    There is nothing like a fabulous selection of accessories to take your creativity to the next level! From our must-have hoop to embroideries and software, sewers’ ideas will come to life!
    Designer™ Majestic Hoop
    Embroider larger than life designs without re-hooping!

    The extraordinary Designer™ Majestic Hoop measures 360 x 350 mm (14 ¼" x 13 ¾") and includes exclusive bonus embroidery designs. Sold as an optional accessory.
    4D™ Software QuickStart
    4D™ software adds a whole new dimension to personal embroidery!

    "Working with your computer to create new embroidery designs is now almost too easy. You can allow the software to make intelligent choices about your project. Or, for the more experienced user, you can have even greater control over your work with the new pen and tablet interface " – Tim Frost, Author and Educator

    "It has met every challenge I`ve given it so far. It`s going to make my software training easier and might even put me out of a job!" – Katie Bartz, Educator and Computer Consultant

    If you already belong to the Husqvarna Viking family of embroidery machine and software owners, you’ll find the new generation 4D™ software offers even more of the joy of sewing. If you are a newcomer to the world of embroidery on your computer, there is a huge amount of fun in store...

    Watch out for more info about 4D™ software over the coming months on

    New! Create family charts and embroider your cherished photos with 4D™ Family Portrait!

    4D™ Family Portrait software is now available in English and will be available in other languages during the autumn.
    Designer Diamond™Luggage
    Stylish and functional!

    Transport your Designer Diamond™machine and accessories in style with this specially designed luggage. The Embroidery Unit carrying case is included with the machine purchase. The Designer Diamond™carrying case (including wheeled luggage cart) and the accessory case, are available as optional accessories at your Husqvarna Viking® retailer.
    Specialty Candlewicking Foot
    Sew beautiful heirloom candlewicking techniques!

    The foot has a deep tunnel on the underside to feed over built up stitching. Sold as an optional accessory.
    Yarn Couching Feet Set
    Easily create decorative yarn embellishments when sewing free-motion and embroidering. Sold as an optional accessory.
    Embroidery collections
    Embellish your creations with beautiful embroidered designs.

    The Husqvarna Viking® Embroidery Collection is a giant bank of all Husqvarna Viking® embroidery cards. Available as optional accessories.

    Decor is an exclusive embroidery collection especially designed for the Designer™ Majestic Hoop using an innovative technique where multiple layers of thread, cut from above, give the design a spectacular velvet touch!

    Create wonderful embroideries for your home and more with the Thread Velvet™ Decor collection designed for the Designer™ Majestic Hoop. To obtain this rich and velvet look using the Thread Velvet™ technique, simply cut your embroidered threads in the designated areas. The easy to follow instruction booklet includes directions on how to create the Thread Velvet ™ effect, full size patterns, plus how to make an elegant Pillow.

    Special techniques butterflies
    The Special Techniques Butterflies collection gives you 18 beautiful ways to create one of nature’s wonders – the Butterfly. Butterfly designs include Realistic, Lace and Sketched looks, perfect for all types of projects. Use these sweet designs to add your own ‘Special Touch’ to a broach, handbag, and so much more. The instruction booklet includes full size design patterns, plus complete direction to make a beautiful Butterfly Handbag.

    Cutwork Finesse
    Cutwork Finesse includes 21 beautiful cutwork designs which can be used separately or grouped together to create romantic projects. The instruction booklet includes full size design patterns, plus complete directions on how to make this classic Cutwork Finesse blouse.

    Embellish with yarn
    With the Embellish with Yarn collection and the Yarn Couching Feet Set (sold separately), it has never been easier to embellish clothing and home décor accessories. The collection included 17 elegant designs of which 6 can be created with the Endless Hoop. Combine techniques with the yarn embellishment such as cut edge and appliqué to create the perfect project. Collection includes instruction booklet with full size design patterns and complete directions to make the beautiful Embellished Jacket.
    Included Accessories
    When you purchase a Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™sewing and embroidery machine, the following accessories are included:

    Three hoops:
  • Designer™ Splendid Square Hoop - 120 x 120 mm (4 ¾" x 4 ¾")
  • Designer™ Crown Hoop - 260 x 200 mm (10 ¼" x 8")
  • Designer™ Royal Hoop - 360 mm x 200 mm (14 ¼" x 8")
  • Presser feet:
    Utility foot A, Decorative stitch foot B, Buttonhole foot C, Blind hem foot D, Zipper Foot E, Non stick Glide foot H, Edging Foot J, Clear Open Toe foot transparent, Piecing foot P, Embr./Darning foot R, Side motion foot S and Sensor one-step buttonhole foot.

    Designer Diamond™embroidery Unit bag, 4D™ organizer, 1 Gb USB embroidery stick and more…
    The featured Designer Diamond™sewing projects are sure to set your imagination free! Whether inspired to create for you or loved ones, just imagine what you can do with the most brilliant sewing and embroidery machine at your side.
    Designer Diamond™Dress
    This stunning creation is a true show-stopper for any special event that demands a special entrance! Whether arriving at an exclusive charity event or a fabulous party, this timeless dress makes the wearer feel like a one-of-a-kind beauty.
       Download sewing instructions (pdf 2Mb)
    Designer Diamond™Quilt
    This quilt was inspired by diamond details and the result is a truly distinctive creation. The Designer Diamond™Quilt represents the very pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity. It functions as a beautiful, artistic wall hanging or the perfect quilt to snuggle up with the family on movie night.
       Download sewing instructions (pdf 4Mb)
    Designer Diamond™Table cloth
    There is nothing more exciting than transforming a plain white tablecloth into a work of art! Guests will not stop staring at the extraordinary embroideries and by the end of the evening you will most certainly have “hints” at what they would like to see as a future gift from you.

    These brilliant embroideries on the fabulous tablecloth are stitched in the Designer™ Majestic Hoop 360 x 350 mm (14 ½" x 13 ¾"). Sold as an optional accessory.
       Download sewing instructions (pdf 1Mb)
    Designer Diamond™Purse
    This unique purse is the utmost expression of beauty and elegant style. Whether as a compliment to your Designer Diamond™Dress or as a stand-alone statement piece, it is completely captivating!
       Download sewing instructions (pdf 2Mb)
    Designer Diamond™Jewelry wrap
    Your own diamonds will dazzle even more wrapped in the beauty and creativity of this lush jewelry holder. It’s best to create more than one right from the start as when friends and family see it they will want one for their very own. Don’t forget to include custom embroidery and messaging to make your gifts extra special!
       Download sewing instructions (pdf 5Mb)
    All Features and Benefits
       All Features and Benefits (pdf 6Mb)
    Click below to download a pdf version of the Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond™™ sewing and embroidery machine brochure.
       Download Brochure (pdf 5Mb)
    Stitch overview. More than 1100 beautiful stitches and lettering at your fingertips for endless creative opportunities.
    Utility StitchesUtility Stitches
    Buttonhole StitchesButtonhole Stitches
    Pictogram StitchesPictogram Stitches
    Heirloom StitchesHeirloom Stitches
    Quilt StitchesQuilt Stitches
    Appliqué StitchesAppliqué Stitches
    Children StitchesChildren Stitches
    Scallop StitchesScallop Stitches
    Vintage StitchesVintage Stitches
    Omnimotion StitchesOmnimotion Stitches
    Decorative StitchesDecorative Stitches
    Crafting StitchesCrafting Stitches
    Fashion StitchesFashion Stitches
    4-way Stitches4-way Stitches
    8-way Stitches8-way Stitches
    Specialty StitchesSpecialty Stitches
       Download a stitch overview (pdf)
    Comparison chart
       Comparison Chart (pdf)
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