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Pfaff coverstyle 4850

Pfaff coverstyle 4850

Pfaff coverstyle 4850

Adjust the Differential
Feed Dial

Set for, Stretch Light Fabric
to Avoid Ruffling in the
Seam. Knitted Fabric to
Give a Wave like Effect

Set for, Gather Knit Fabric
to Avoid Stretching in the
Seam or a Gathering
Effect on Light Fabrics

Cover Stitch

5 Thread Safety-Stitch

Pfaff coverstyle 4850

The Perfect Choice.

The Pfaff coverstyle 4850 is the perfect choice for sewing enthusiasts who want to give their work a professional finish. Perfect hem edges, trimming cut-outs or attaching elastic. It can do this all in one operation.

With clear and simple thread tension instructions on the stitch panel, colour coded threading paths and special threading levers this Pfaff coverstyle 4850 is a dream to use.  It has two needles, five threads and 18 stitch programs to give you the freedom to make all of your ideas a reality.

Sewing with the Pfaff coverstyle 4850
  • Absolutely even seams.  Differential feed prevents seams from stretching or puckering. The differential feed can be individually adjusted as needed.
  • True industrial seams.   The 5-thread overlock stitch and the double chain stitch for heavy-duty seams.
  • The stitch length can be fine tuned in small increments.
  • Adjustable stitch width and stitch length.
  • The 5mm cover stitch can hem and serge all in one operation. Use it for sweatshirt hems, sewing on elastic.
  • Fantastic results can also be achieved with the cover stitch.
  • No need to change the presser foot or needle plate when sewing rolled hems.
  • No stretching of the seams, no puckering of fine fabrics, thanks to the differential feed. Even knitted fabrics will remain perfectly flat. However, if you reverse the differential feed setting, you can create amazing wave like effects.
  • Use the converter to work with 2 threads. Create the beautiful 2 thread flatlock seam for decorative effects.
  • "Slow sewing" for complex sewing jobs, "quick sewing" for rapid work - two sewing speeds can be set with the foot control.
  • Regardless of whether you are sewing light or heavy fabrics, whether you are sewing quickly or slowly, the needle piercing power is controlled electronically.
  • High presser foot clearance for working with several layers or heavy fabrics
  • Perfectly even seams - The differential feed prevents the seam from being stretched or puckered. Even knitwear remains flat. Wave like effect can be achieved by reversing differential feed.
  • Wonderfully practical - the thread chain cutter. No more long searches for scissors.

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