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hobbylock 4842 hobbylock 4842

Perfect edge treatments, elastic seams, decorative effects - sew like a professional!

Pfaff's hobbylock 4842  is the perfect combination with your sewing machine. Immediately after cutting out your fabric pieces, the edges can be finished - so perfectly that nothing can ever fray.

With Pfaff's hobbylock 4842 , it's done in no time at all. With two needles, up to four threads, and 14 different stitches, you'll get professional results with every material - results that are as perfect as the best ready-to-wear. Stitches are very durable and elastic. They move when you do, without tearing.
Features at a glance!
  • No stretching of the material, no puckering with fine fabrics, perfectly even seams - thanks to the differential feed!
  • Practical! All the important controls - such as the stitch length and differential feed settings - are conveniently located and easily accessible!
  • Practical: now you can sew rolled hems without changing the presser foot or needle plate!
  • Embellishing work can be fun: for instance, the pretty 2-thread flatlock seam for decorative effects can be created by engaging the converter.
  • Smart threading: just follow the simple color-coded threading path. With Pfaff's unique threading system, even the left looper can be threaded quickly and easily. The thread slides effortlessly into the looper's thread guide.
  • No matter what the thickness of the fabric, the thread tension can be set with incredible precision.
  • Presser foot pressure is adjustable! Whatever your fabric, from denim to silk, you always have the perfect foot pressure for the perfect seam.
  • Slow sewing for complex sewing jobs, quick sewing for rapid work - two sewing speeds can be set on the foot control.
  • Regardless of whether you are sewing light or heavy fabrics, or whether you are sewing quickly or slowly - the needle-piercing and cutting power is controlled electronically and is guaranteed to remain absolutely consistent.
  • Safe and sound! When the looper cover is open, it is impossible to sew.
  • Lots of space for accessories in the accessory box!
  • Tweezers, converter for working with two threads, needle threader and much more are included with the machine.
  • Wonderfully practical: the thread chain cutter!
  • Changing presser feet is quick with "snap on feet! Simply snap on and snap off.
  • Easy-to-follow operating instructions in English.
  • The cover protects the machine from dust.
  • Rubber feet guarantee optimal stability.
For incredible effects and professional sewing work there is an extensive range of optional feet. Ask your Pfaff dealer.

hobbylock 4842 Features overview (PDF-format)
hobbylock 4842
hobbylock 4842 -  Stitches 

With Pfaff, you'll find a great selection of innovative overlock machines, each offering different performance ranges and features. They are called hobbylock and coverlock. They definitely have the right model for you. Take a good look at everything at your local Pfaff dealer.
Other features to consider when buying an overlock:
Simple threading. At first glance, the threading looks somewhat complicated, but it isn't. Just follow the color-marked thread paths. Depending on the model, threading aids are available, making threading even easier.

Optimal fabric feed...
is important for an even and clean stitch. This is accomplished with the differential feed. Two feed dogs, one behind the other, can be set for any kind of fabric and prevent any unattractive puckering, even with those hard-to-sew fabrics.

A great selection of stitches...
The type and number of stitches differs from model to model. Of course, even the smaller models offer a good stitch program range. The top class overlock machines by Pfaff even include professional industry stitches in their repertoire, like the 5-thread safety-stitch. Optimal for stitches that need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Perfect hem finishing...
A new generation of overlock machines, the coverlocks by Pfaff, offer the professional cover stitch. The coverlocks don't just sew, cut and serge - they also hem. And they do all this in one single process. You have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it.

And what else is important?
  • A big collector that catches all the waste fabric.
  • The electronically controlled needle-piercing power that stays consistent at any sewing speed.
  • The easy setting of the individual stitch programs.
  • And, of course, the fact that all the controls are conveniently located and easily accessible.

Why not stop by your authorized Pfaff dealer and see a demonstration? They'll give you all the advice you need to pick out the perfect machine for you.

hobbylock 4842 Stitches overview (PDF-format)

Why not stop by your authorized Pfaff dealer and see a demonstration? They'll give you all the advice you need to pick out the perfect machine for you.

Threading Guide
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hobbylock 4842
hobbylock 4842 -  Threading Guide 

This threading guide is intended to show you how easy it is to thread your new Pfaff overlock machine. The tutorial will introduce you to several great stitch programs, each with a step by step interactive threading guide. Visit your local authorized Pfaff dealer to learn more about your new Pfaff overlock. You can participate in project classes, explore the world creative sewing, accessories and get quality service.
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