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Pfaff Creative 2144

Pfaff Creative 2144

Pfaff Creative 2144

Dual embroidery card's

Pfaff Creative 2144

Full multi color computer screen

Pfaff Creative 2144

Pfaff Creative 2144 showing one of the designs from the included embriodery card

Pfaff Creative 2144  featuring Pfaff's   IDF Feed System

Easy to use sewing machine

The new Pfaff Creative 2144 computer controlled embroidery sewing machine has over 200 decorative stitch programs at your command and all the features that give your sewing a true professional touch.   Go wireless using StitchLink.

What makes it unique?
  • Full Multi-color touch screen.
  • Dual card drives.
  • IDT Dual feed system.
  • Data manager.
  • Programmable presser foot lift.
  • Programmable thread cutter.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Fully automatic thread tension control.

Pfaff Quality and Workmanship

Pfaff sewing machines exclusive IDT IDF Feed System gives you controlled, no-slip sewing because the fabric is fed evenly from both top and bottom, Because it is built in, PFAFF Dual Feed is always there when you need it.

Pfaff Fashion and more...

In addition to the large variety of attractive 9mm stitch programs on the Pfaff Creative 2144, you'll also find.
  • 30 Maxi stitch boarders upto 60mm wide.
  • 12 types of button hole.
  • 10 hemstitch programs.
  • 10 cross stitch boarders.
  • 15 quilting stitches.
  • 6 alphabets with numbers.
  • Straight stitch with 19 needle positions, for perfect seams.
  • Perfect zig-zag stitching upto 9mm wide.
  • Stitch length adjustment upto 6mm in 0.5mm increments.
  • Professional tailors tack stitch.

View the Pfaff Creative 2144 stitches  [PDF format]

Buttonholes galore

Standard, stretch, round and keyhole.  You get 12 different buttonhole types in all.  What's more, all buttonholes can be stored in memory and repeated as often as you like.  The sensormatic system guarantees that each buttonhole is sewn exactly the same - every time on any fabric.  Pfaff electronics make everything simple.  

Advanced electronics put everything right at your fingertips.
  • Reverse sewing.
  • Cut threads.
  • Twin needle sewing.
  • S top with needle up or down.
  • Low bobbin warning light.
  • 1/2 speed sew slow setting for novice or younger users.
  • Store seam length, with auto tie off.
  • A ll on hand at the touch of a button.
  • Stitch sideways.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Auto Needle threader.
  • Light up buttons.

Programmable Seam Length For Straight Stitch

The Patchwork program will repeat seam length as often as you want for perfect quilt piecing.  You can save different lengths of seams.

Needle Stop Up/Down

Program your Pfaff Creative 2144 to stop with the needle in either the up or down position with your choice of four different presser foot height positions.  This makes it very easy to pivot with your needle down on any thickness of fabric.

Programmable Presser Foot Lift And Thread Snips

You can program your Pfaff Creative 2144 to raise the presser foot, not raise the presser foot, to snip at the end of a stitch or not to snip.  You still have the convenience of the manual presser foot lift positioned just to the right of the foot.

5 Presser Foot Positions
  • Extra high to accommodate thicker fabrics.
  • High is standard presser foot position.
  • Medium for darning, hoop embroidery, free motion quilting with tension engaged.
  • Low is perfect for quick pivoting.
  • Down for normal sewing.

Never out of date

Your Pfaff Creative 2144 will never become out of date...
Update your machine directly via the internet.  As more features are developed, the newest and most upto date software can be downloaded from the internet and uploaded into your Pfaff Creative 2144 program using the special cable supplied with your machine.

Dual Voltage Machine

Just slide the button on the bottom of your Pfaff Creative 2144 on the base plate to switch from 220 volt to 110 volt.  Easy to use regardless of what country you are in.

The large Multi-color computer display makes it a snap to select the stitch you want and view it before you stitch it, if you need help just press the "info" icon for on screen help.

Creativity is your choice

The Pfaff sewing machine Creative 2140 embroiders at up to 950 stitches per minute.  Which makes it the fastest home embroidery machine on the market.

The Pfaff Creative 2144 has a professional quilting stitch that actually looks hand-quilted.  Quilters also will love the new feature that lets you program a seam length with tie-off and cut the threads.

Looking to enhance your creativity? The Pfaff Creative 2144 offers lots of possibilities.  Hook up the Creative Fantasy Embroidery Unit for easy embroidering of logos and motifs

The Pfaff Creative 2144 comes with the Creative Fantasy Embroidery Unit dual card drives, you can combine and customize designs easily and quickly from two cards at the same time.  Change on screen to different colors, view before you embroider.
  • Adjust design size.
  • Adjust on screen colors.
  • Rotate.
  • Mirror.
  • Set position in hoop.
  • Check design position on fabric before stitching.
  • Sew in mono, individual colors or multi colors.
  • Control with foot speed control or automatically.
  • Snips threads before changing color.

Vary the color or size and combine, create mirror images and rotate your patterns.  Let the Pfaff Creative 2144 make it reality... It's this easy: Insert the desired card, select the pattern and sew.  Select the design of your choice with the touch on the screen.  It's quick, and all the information you need is displayed on-screen, it even tells you when to change thread.
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