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Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Pfaff performance 2056

Main Features
  • 195 sewing programs
  • 20 utility stitches
  • 8 buttonholes
  • 34 decorative stitches
  • 14 satin stitches
  • 8 cross-stitchs
  • 15 quilt stitches
  • 10 hemstitch programs
  • 4 alphabets
  • 13 needle positions 
  • Needle up or down.
  • Auto needle threader.
  • Big memory.
  • Rotary hook action
  • Automatic tie-off.
  • Electronic speed control
  • Dual Voltage
    240Volt  or 120Volt.

Pfaff performance 2056  featuring Pfaff's   IDF Feed System

Discover your own passion for sewing with one of the best sewing machines in the world.   What do people who love to sew have in common? The love of experimentation - creativity - individuality.  A touch of tenacity.  And, of course, they expect only perfection.  For them, we have the perfect sewing companion - the Pfaff performance 2056 - the real passion for sewing.  Absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom! The large high-resolution touch screen provides easy access to stitches and programs.  The Pfaff performance 2056 programs are special features that makes sewing a true pleasure.  The Pfaff performance 2056 stitch package programs have a large stitch selection of high quality stitches, beautiful down to the last detail! Including 9-mm stitches!

The Display Screen.

It has an easy to read and use touch screen. Everything is large and easy to read on the high-resolution display and just a light touch of the finger or stylus is needed to see what this machine can do.

Sewing with the Pfaff performance 2056
  • Concentrate entirely on the sewing. The convenient knee lift raises the presser foot, leaving your hands free to work with the fabric.
  • Permanent reverse at the touch of a button. Your hands are free to guide the fabric.
  • Easy threading. Just follow the marked threading path and thread the needle quickly with the integrated needle threader.
  • Important for longer seams: the thread monitor will warn you when the bobbin thread is getting low. You can then re-wind the bobbin, directly through the needle, without having to re-thread your machine or release the hand wheel.
  • Set the thread tension to the optimal setting for any fabric or sewing.
  • Refinements taken from ready-to-wear: perfect eyelets for lacing cords and ribbons; a "triangle bar tack" for reinforcing skirt vents; and a straight bar tack for securing pockets, ends of zippers, and belt loops.
  • Nineteen needle positions: Move the needle and not the fabric. You always sew precisely along the edge, which is indispensable, for example, when sewing zippers in place. And when the sewing gets tough, just press the "Sew slow" button to reduce the speed.
  • Sewing heavy fabrics or several layers? No problem.   There is extra-high clearance under the presser foot. No matter how fast you are sewing or how many layers you are working with, the electronically controlled needle piercing power remains consistently strong.
  • Extra-slender free arm for sewing sleeves and trousers.
  • Quick presser foot change, thanks to the "Snap-on" system just snap them on or off.
  • The feed dogs can be comfortably lowered from the front of the machine a great advantage for free motion quilting.
  • Lots of room in the large accessory tray.
  • At the heart of the Pfaff performance 2056 is a strong aluminum casing.

The Pfaff performance 2056 stitch programs

The Pfaff performance "Automatic tie-off" program.   Select this function and the Pfaff performance 2056 automatically backstitches at the beginning and end of a seam, and the presser foot is lifted, as if by magic.

The Pfaff performance "Needle up/down" program.   This is the ultimate in sewing simplicity. When this program is engaged, the needle remains in the fabric when sewing stops and the presser foot automatically raises to your pre-selected position. Now you can easily turn the fabric.
If desired, the presser foot can automatically lower into the sewing position when you press the foot control and your Pfaff performance 2056 continues sewing.

The Pfaff performance "Express Sequence" function.   Use the touch screen to set up to 99 repeats of individual stitches or stitch sequences. The beginning and end will be automatically tied off. Save your original stitches or sequences in one of the 40 memories and return to them whenever you like.

The Pfaff performance "Free motion" program.   When the "free motion" program is activated, the presser foot is automatically set to the embroidery and darning position. The fabric can now be moved freely. Stitch length and thread tension can be adjusted however you like.

The Pfaff performance "Patchwork" program.   Do you sew the same size pieces together, over and over? Just select the "Patchwork program" and then sew the seam length once.  The Pfaff performance 2056 saves the seam length and repeats it as often as needed. If desired, it will also tie-off the end of each seam and automatically lift the presser foot. This is pure patching pleasure.  

The Pfaff performance "Twin needle" program.   Sew decorative stitches with a twin needle for especially spectacular effects. The "twin needle" program automatically re-calculates the pattern to the selected width. You'll be amazed at the results.

With the Pfaff performance Stitch package, you'll find every stitch you'll ever need: 195 stitches and four alphabets with numerals and symbols. Utility stitches, overlock stitches, buttonholes, darning programs, hemstitches, and decorative stitches, including beautiful 9 mm wide decorative stitches to embellish your creations with an unbelievable quality. And all can be selected directly on the convenient touch screen. Just choose a stitch category, number, or illustration a light touch will do.  

Stitches can be mirrored vertically or horizontally for unlimited creative possibilities.

The Pfaff performance 2056 memory

All stitch sequences can be saved in one of the 40 memories, to be opened whenever you need them.

You can also use the "Context menu" to save your personal adjustments to the general settings of any stitch. If you wish, your settings will then automatically appear on the screen the next time that you select the stitch.

The Info button: Whenever you need sewing information, just press the Info button. Learn all you need to know about your chosen stitch: the proper presser foot, optimal thread tension, recommended needle, and whether or not the IDF Feed System (Integrated Dual Feed) should be engaged.

And there are more automatic functions:

Time for a quick repair? There are two darning programs! Stitch once over the area to be repaired to automatically set the length. Now just push the "reverse" button and the Pfaff performance 2056 finishes the darning automatically.  

Select the Pfaff performance 2056 basting program to baste your garment for fitting.

Sew on buttons in a flash with the button sewing program.

Decorative effects, interesting buttonholes, and perfect corners: the tapering program!  The Pfaff performance 2056 automatically narrows the width of zigzag stitches during sewing.  The optimal stitch density has been pre-programmed. Just touch the reverse button and the rest is automatic.

Indispensable: a choice of presser foot clearance levels:
There is the extra-high level for heavy fabrics or several layers; the medium level for darning, free-hand embroidery or free motion quilting; and the standard level for most normal sewing.

Unique from Pfaff:

Absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom with the IDF Feed System Pfaff's unique Integrated Dual Feed! Fine fabrics, long seams (such as curtains) or several layers (such as quilting) everything is fed perfectly and evenly with no slipping.  

Unique only Pfaff has the IDF Feed System built into the machine, where it can be engaged or disengaged as required. Stitches are always consistent, whether sewing forward or in reverse.  

Professional buttonholes on any fabric are no problem, thanks to Pfaff's Buttonhole Sensormatic.  The Pfaff performance 2056 keyhole buttonhole is just like the buttonhole on ready to wear clothing! It is extremely durable and the perfect finishing touch on your personal fashion creations.  The length can be set up to 40 mm (1 5/8") directly on the touch screen.

Eighteen different cross stitches!  Some of them can be combined on the touch screen for a never-ending source of new creations.

Fifteen quilt stitches, including 11 unique antique quilting stitches with hand-sewn charm and an authentic appearance that makes every quilt a one-of-a-kind.

The ergonomic work surface! Plenty of extra space and an optimal view for sewing. Especially helpful when sewing large volumes of fabric, like quilts and draperies.

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