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Miele Classic U1 Cat&Dog DynamicUpright Vacuum

Miele Classic U1 Cat&Dog Dynamic - $649.00


Product Description: The NEW Miele Classic U1 Cat&Dog Dynamic is the ideal upright vacuum for pet owners with the aggressive miele brushroll and charcoal filter to absorb pet odors. This vacuum also comes with the STB 101 Mini Turbobrush. This attachment fits on the end of the hose and is great for pet hair removal from upholstery and other surfaces. With the spinning brush in this attachment pet hair is easily grabbed and disposed of in Miele’s dust trapping, self sealing dust bags. This vacuum also has all the other great features such as swivel neck technology, L.E.D. headlight, variable motor settings and many others that make this vacuum a great buy.

User Benefits: Comes with everything you need to effectively clean up pet hair from carpeted surfaces. Furniture can be cleaned with the handheld turbo tool and the Cat Dog S7 comes with a charcoal air filter to remove pet odors. 

User Cons: On the heavier side some users might have a hard time transporting the unit up and down stairs. Althought you can turn the brushroll on/off, hard surface cleaning is not as good as a canister vacuum. There re very few cons to list for the Miele S7 Cat and Dog vacuum. 

Swivel Neck Maneuverability - The Miele Cat and Dog upright vacuum has swivel neck technology. This allows the head and body of the vacuum to bend and turn in ways never allowed before. That means users can now get into places and maneuver around corners helping to enhance their cleaning experience.

<STB 101 Mini Turbobrush - The Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush is an air powered mini hand tool with a 5.25" brush roll inside. The cleaning power of the small spinning brush roll make this attachment ideal for upholstery, stairs, automotive cleaning and pet hair removal from unwanted places. With a swivel neck this piece is also extremely maneuverable in smaller areas.

Air Clean System - Your homes air is put through a 12 stage air filtration system the filters out 99.9% of dust particles. This can be enhanced with the purchase of a Miele HEPA filter to achieve 99.99% of microns .03 and larger.

U AirClean Dustbag - S7 upright vacuums take style U AirClean bags that feature the highest level of dust filtration on the market. Each bag has 9-ply construction and features a self sealing spring loaded top to trap dust upon bag removal. The rugged random spun material ensures this bag is almost untearable.

L.E.D. Headlight - The S7 Cat and Dog is armed with an L.E.D. headlight that allows users to clean underneath and into dark places with ease. Dust, dirt and filth are highlighted in the cleaning path so you can easily see what needs to be picked up.

Miele Upright Tool Storage - Miele upright vacuums give users 3 attachment tools for convienience on the back of their upright vacuums. Molded into the body, these tools can be easily accessed in seconds and look great when stored. The crevice tool, upholstery tool and dust brush connect to the end of the long hose and allow users to achieve deeper cleaning capabilities.

Wand and Extension Hose - The Miele wand and hose combination gives users a 12ft reach for stairs, drapes and any other troublesome surface. The wand pops out of the side and is armed with a ergonomic handle to control the attachments connected to the end.

Vortex Motor - The Miele Vortex 1200W motor gives the Cat and Dog upright tremendous power and longevity. Backed by Miele's 7 year warranty and at the top of the class in suction this motor is pure quality. The Vortex motor also operates at an extremely low decimal level providing users with the best experience available.

Suction Control - A 4 level rotary dial has been added to help users control suction fot the more sensitive cleaning jobs. Hard flooring to sensitive area rugs, all surfaces have an optimal suction level. 

1000 Hours Test - To ensure that all components hold up for the average residential use over a 20 year spand Miele runs its vacuums through a 1,000 hours of testing. They make sure the machine runs smoothly the whole time while never loosing performance capabilities.


Included In The Box

Miele Classic U1 Cat&Dog Dynamic Upright Vacuum, Aluminum Telescopic Wand, 12 Foot Hose, 1 STB 101 Mini Turbobrush, 1 Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, 1 Upholstery Nozzle, 1 Crevice Tool, 1 AirClean Dustbag, 1 Active Air Clen Filter, 1 Owners Manual, 1 Warranty Information

Warranty Info:7 Year Warranty on the motor and 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Weight: 27.0000lbs

Color: White


  • STB 101 Mini Turbobrush
  • Patented Swivel Neck design for superior cornering and maneuverability
  • Electro Brush with independent motor
  • HEPA filter traps 99.5% of all particles down to 0.5 microns in size
  • L.E.D. headlight for maximum visibility
  • 39ft. cord that creates a total cleaning radius of 54ft
  • Anti tipping device when using the given accessories
  • Ergonomic reinforced handle to support usage and transportation/carrying
  • U air clean bag with storage 5.45qt ; 1200 Watt Miele Vortex motor with 4 power settings
  • Lay flat 6in. low profile to get under furniture
  • Indicator lights for recommended dust bag change and one for filter change
  • Telescopic 2ft wand with 12ft flexible hose to make cleaning more convenient
  • Extra long crevice tool, upholstery tool & dust brush for specific cleaning need
  • Revolutionary silence insulation to drastically reduce operating noise
  • Self height adjusting surface to surface technology
  • Miele 7 year warranty (motor and casing) and 1 year warranty for parts

Unit Color: White

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