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Compare Miele S6 Vacuum Cleaners

As the newest addition to the Miele line of canister vacuum cleaners, the redesigned Miele S6 vacuums showcase the staple features of high end Mieles in a more compact canister design. These canister vacuums are best suited for smooth floors, area rugs, and low to medium pile carpeting. Each are geared towards allergy sufferers with features like 9-ply dust bags, AirClean filters, and pre-motor filters. For those seeking a compact, lightweight canister suited for multiple types of flooring, look no further than the new Miele S6 series. Use the comparison chart below to help you make an informed choice that will meet all of your vacuuming needs.



Miele Topaz S6270 Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Onyx S6270 Vacuum Cleaner
Red Velvet
Miele Red Velvet S6270 Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Quartz S6270 Vacuum Cleaner



Air Clean Filter X X X X
HEPA Filter Optional Optional Optional Optional
Automatic Thermal Shut-Off X X X X
FJM AirClean Dust Bags X X X X
Dust Bag Change Indicator X X X X
Deluxe Ergonomic Handle X      
Ergonomic Handle   X X X
Brushroll Control on Handle X      
One-Touch, Auto Cord Rewind X X X X
Rotary Dial Power Controls X X X X
Park System X X X X
Telescopic Wand X X X X
Electric Hose X      
Upholstery, Crevice and Dusting Brush - on VarioClip X X X X
Parquet Floor Tool (SBB300-3) X X Optional Optional
SBD 285-3 Combo Floor Tool Optional Optional X X
STB 205-3 Turbobrush   X Optional Optional
SEB 217-3 Mid-Size Powerbrush X      

The Miele S6 vacuum cleaners usher in a new wave of innovations in the area of home cleaning. Compact, durable, lightweight and efficient, Miele S6 models come in a variety of styles to meet a wide range of cleaning needs. By taking a closer look at these canisters, you can begin to see which model is best suited for your specific cleaning needs.

First, each model comes with an ABS shell, which is extremely resistant to scratches and damage. Inside the canister, each S6 model features a sealed system and a 9-ply, self-sealing, FJM filter bag. All Miele S6 vacuums are powered by the Miele Vortex motor that produces optimal suction while creating even less noise. Though the AirClean filter is standard for each of these four vacuums, all can be fitted with a Miele Active HEPA filter for the best filtration of any vacuum on the market today.

All four canisters in this line are lightweight (less than 10 lbs. canister weight) and free rolling (movement by three independent swivel casters). Additionally, each S6 is equipped with a VarioClip and three mini accessories for added cleaning versatility. Lastly, all four models are Good Housekeeping approved. This means instead of a 1 year parts and labor warranty, each vacuum comes with a full 2 year parts and labor warranty (in addition to the standard 7 year warranty on the motor).

Of the four models, the Miele Topaz displays the most features and broadest cleaning range. The primary benefit with the Topaz is the electrically driven powerbrush. While all Miele S6 vacuums have an electrical connection on the body, the Topaz is the only one that comes with an electrified wand and hose. Add in the SEB 217-3 and you have the perfect medium to low pile carpet cleaning tool. The Miele Twister is excellent on smooth floors, and no matter which floor attachment you are using, the Topaz is the only model that comes with the deluxe handle.

Second in the line is the Miele Onyx. Like the Topaz, the Miele Onyx comes standard with two floor tools. The STB 205-3 is an ideal floor tool for low to medium pile carpeting while the Twister works well on all types of smooth flooring.

As the most economical model of the line, the Miele Quartz balances affordability with performance. In terms of floor tools, the Quartz comes standard with the SBD 285-3. This combination floor tool uses retractable bristles to gentle loosen and clean smooth flooring while a stainless sole plate glide over low pile carpet and rugs.

The Miele Red Velvet is the most unique Miele vacuum cleaner in the S6 line. Though like the Quartz, the Red Velvet comes standard with the SBD 285-3, the Red Velvet in wholly unique in that it is the only Miele vacuum cleaner that is literally covered in red velvet. Though it has the durable ABS shell underneath, the Miele Red Velvet has a thin layer of velvet covering the surface, giving it a softer look and feel.

While each S6 vacuum cleaner is uniquely suited for different flooring and different cleaning circumstances each can be fitted with a variety of Miele accessories to broaden your cleaning range and expand you cleaning ability.

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