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Our Vacuum Cleaner Line from Germany... A line we have carried since we opened in 1987.

All Miele models have a "sealed system". This design solves the problem allergy sufferers have each time they vacuum. The HEPA system retains tiny particles (including dust, dust mite feces and pollen). It also uses a Generally Activated Charcoal Filter (GAC) to absorb odors.

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Classic C1 Capri 41BAN031USA  Canister vacuum  $399.00 
All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with turbobrush and parquet floor brush. Recommended for low pile carpeting and hard floor surfaces.
Classic C1 Delphi 41BAN032USA  Canister vacuum  $499.00 
All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with electric powerbrush and comfortable deluxe ergonomic handle. Recommended for medium pile carpeting.
Classic C1 Olympus 41BAN030USA  Canister vacuum  $329.00 
Miele quality and durability at a value price. Recommended for area rugs and hard floor surfaces.
Classic C1 Titan 41BCN031USA  Canister vacuum  w/HEPA Filter  $599.00 
All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with HEPA filtration, electric powerbrush, parquet floor brush and deluxe ergonomic handle. Recommended medium pile carpeting and hard floor surfaces.
Compact C2 Onyx 41DAE031USA  Canister vacuum  $499.00 
Lightweight C2 Compact Canister with turbo brush and parquet floor brush. Recommended for low-pile carpet and hard surfaces.
Compact C2 Quartz 41DAE030USA  Canister vacuum  $429.00 
The basic Compact C2 Canister with combination rug and floor tool. Recommended for area rugs and wood floors.
Compact C2 Topaz 41DAE032USA  Canister vacuum  $749.00 
Powerful C2 Compact Canister with SEB 217 powerbrush and parquet floor brush. Recommended for medium pile carpet and wood floors.
Complete C3 Alize 41GJE031USA  Canister vacuum  $649.00 
Premium HEPA canister with automatic suction control and LED spotlight handle. Recommended for bare floors and area rugs.
Complete C3 Brilliant 41GPE030USA  Canister vacuum  $1,499.00 
Vacuuming perfection. The top of the line Miele vacuum with fingertip controls, 3-D velvet bumper, automatic suction adjustment and 10-year motor warranty.
Complete C3 Calima 41GFE036USA  Canister vacuum  $649.00 
Deluxe Complete C3 canister vacuum with Turbo Brush, Parquet Brush and AirClean Sealed HEPA filtration
Complete C3 Cat & Dog 41GEE034USA  Canister vacuum  $949.00 
Power to eliminate all types of cat and dog hair with active carbon odor control and turbo pet brush for upholstery.
Complete C3 Kona 41GFE037USA  Canister vacuum  $929.00 
Miele`s new and improved version of the top-rated Callisto. Same great performance as Callisto with lighter body, better bumpers and foot tap suction control.
Complete C3 Marin 41GJE032USA  Canister vacuum  w/HEPA Filter  $1,099.00 
Deluxe features including automatic suction control and top of the line 236 powerbrush
Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog 41HBE030USA  Upright vacuum  $649.00 
Special pet edition with Active Air odor control and handheld turbobrush tool for pet hair.
Dynamic U1 Jazz 41HCE030USA  Upright vacuum  $549.00 
Dynamic U1 Twist 41HAE030USA  Upright vacuum  $449.00 
Swivel neck to maneuver around the tightest corners, powerful suction, and adjustable suction control make this Royal Blue upright ready for any cleaning surface.
Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum 41JQL005USA   Floor vacuum  $599.00 
Miele`s first robotic vacuum. With smart navigation, a triple cleaning system and four distinct cleaning modes this robot vacuum is loaded with easy to use features.
Swing H1 QuickStep 41AAO033USA  Stick vacuum  $199.00 
Lightweight broom vacuum. Perfect for bare floors, area rugs and quick pickups
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