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Baby Lock - Sofia A-Line Series  (model number BL137A)
Sofia A-Line Series
(model number BL137A)

Trend-setting Sofia is full of ideas - the perfect friend for all of your embroidery and sewing projects. She always has something to share, like 70 built-in designs and 67 stitches. With a USB port, LCD Touch Screen and embroidery card slot, you can share all of your ideas with Sofia. This feature-rich sewing and embroidery machine also includes plenty of convenient options like an advanced needle threader, automatic thread-cutter and a Quick-Set, top-loading bobbin. No matter what you love to create, Sofia is ready to inspire you.
Technology Features
  • USB direct connect (Type B)  
  • LCD Touch Screen (120 x 64 dot matrix) with touch pen
  • Embroidery card slot
  • Advanced needle threader
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Quick-Set, top loading bobbin
  • Quick-Set bobbin winder
  • Upper and lower thread sensors to alert when threads are broken
  • LED light illuminates sewing surface
Embroidery Capabilities
  • Built-in embroidery design library
  • 70 Embroidery designs 
  • 120 Frame Patterns
  • 5 Font styles in upper and lower case 
  • Embroiders up to 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) embroidery field
  • Reads embroidery designs with a stitch capacity of up to 50,000 stitches per design
  • Up to 12 Memory Pockets for embroidery equaling 512KB
  • Enlargement (up to 20%)
  • Reduction (up to 10%)
  • Mirror imaging
  • 1°, 10°, and 90° pattern rotation
  • LCD Touch Screen shows:
    • Estimated embroidery time display
    • Needle advancement (by color or stitch increment)
    • Measurements displayed in inches or millimeters (mm)
    • Thread color indicator
    • On-screen hoop size indicator
    • Trial function
  • Embroidery speed up to 400 spm (stitches per minute)
Advanced Sewing Features
  • 67 Built-in stitches including:
  • 46 Utility (with 10 styles of one-step buttonholes) 
  • 19 Decorative 
  • 1 Satin 
  • 1 Cross
  • Stitch length 0.0mm - 5.0mm on sewing stitches
  • Maximum Utility stitch width: 7mm
  • Utility stitch editing capabilities
  • Store personal stitch settings for each Utility stitch on machine
  • Variable needle positions
  • Twin needle settings key

Convenient Sewing Features
  • Convenient One-Touch Buttons for
    • Start/Stop
    • Reverse sewing
    • Needle up/down
    • Thread cutter
  • Sewing speed control
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Needle plate with scale in inches and centimeters
  • Electronic foot control with separate power cord
  • Free arm with drop feed lever
  • Accessory storage compartment 
  • Lightweight and compact size for easy travel
    • Weighs under 14 lbs in sewing mode
    • Weighs under 17 lbs with the embroidery unit attached
Additional Information
  • Language conversion capabilities (16 languages)
  • Warranty (25 years limited, 10 years parts, 5 years computer circuit, 5 years electrical, 1 year labor)
  • Optional embroidery hoops:
    • Small 1" x 2.5"
    • Multi-position 6" x 4
Instructional and Help Resources
  • Built-in Operational Guide
Included Accessories
  • Touch pen (stylus)
  • USB cable
  • 8 Snap-On Feet:
    • Buttonhole
    • Embroidery
    • Overcasting
    • Monogramming
    • Zipper
    • Zigzag
    • Blind stitch
    • Button fitting
  • Soft cover for machine
  • Embroidery bobbin thread (White)
  • Bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Twin needle
  • 4" x 4" Embroidery hoop and grid
  • Plus more
FAQ`s & Manuals 
Sofia (BL137A) Manual (10.32 MB) Visual Spacer Sofia (BL137A) ManualQuick Reference Guide (6.83 MB)
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Feet & Attachments
Circular Sewing Attachment (BL-CSA)
Circular Sewing Attachment (BL-CSA)  
Expand stitch libraries with the incredible abilities of the Circular Sewing Attachment. This creative machine accessory allows sewers to stitch in a circular pattern using any forward-feeding utility or decorative stitch. Create corded frames with the included the Baby Lock Braiding Foot and 3-Hole Cording Foot.

Small Hoop (1 x 2-1/2) (EF61)
Small Hoop (1 x 2-1/2) (EF61)
Medium Hoop (4 x 4) (EF62)
Medium Hoop (4 x 4) (EF62)
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